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hello, my name is
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The area of the forum dedicated to creating and perfecting the persona you'll be venturing 'round the world with.

Like an Open Book
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Consider this your local newspaper, detailing all the large and little tidbits of information relevant to this great big world, and all of its countries, villages, and empires. You can also find details of all of its relevant citizens and creatures here, too!

middle passage

North Sea
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The northern sea is cold and harsh; its dark waters offer no welcome to a weary traveler.
Storms tend to be more frequent on these waters than they do on their southern counterparts, and sailors have recounted strange tellings of their journey - the sea has been said to spring leaks, as if somebody pulled free a great drain at its basin. The great god W'alkri has also been said to reside within these waters, and is known to blanket the sky with fire upon angering. Even still, life thrives within the ocean. Too cold for many of the larger beasts that lurk beneath southern waters, smaller dangers, such as teethed fish and great sharks still populate this colder area. The only path frequented by merchants on this stretch of water is a beeline from the docks of Haven to the island of Aries.

The Middle Continent
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The largest mass of ground known to the lands, this continent divides the North and South Seas.
More kingdoms and nations call the Middle Continent their home than do any other. It acts as a natural bridge between either of the Far Lands and as such, can be a land of great danger - and great opportunity.

South Sea
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The south sea rests as a much safer precipice than that of the North.
Its warm temperature bodes well for adventurers; its large mark of unexplored territory and islands coupled with its renowned for hosting so many renegades promises treasure and adventure to any man or woman deeming themselves capable of standing to the challenge.
These waters are commonly populated by ships in all marks of its territory, however several dangers still leave sailors cautious - strange, monstrous beasts are said to lurk its depths; from the multi-headed titan of a serpent to the moving island of Turqen, one can never be sure what to expect when treading these waters. However, in the eyes of many, the danger of these hidden monsters fades when faced with the idea of plummeting beyond the edge of the world.

The Wilds of Lavenine
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The southernmost continent, referred to offhand as The Wilder, sits just a day's sail away from its northern neighbor.
The Wilds are home to an array of deserts and jungles, and the environment is just as harsh as the name implies. Humans survive here in closely clustered settlements established around the few readily available pools of water, and savage beasts lurk beneath the sands and stalk the tall grasses of the jungles.

The Far Lands
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The Far Lands are an enigma unto themselves.
They encircle the rest of the lands, giving break only at its highest and lowest points; the spine of the dragon, and the end of the world. A heavy layer of mist spreads out from within the thickness of their forests, home to creatures of unknown power and unknown origins. Few who venture in ever return again, and those that do are never the same. Their eyes are wilder. Even the giants, forced to retreat to the Far Lands, have become feral from whatever evil presence stirs within.
The Far Lands already hold the rest of the world within their grasp; every living thing is just biding time until one inevitably consumes the other.

Last Words

Last Words: A Brief About
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Many hidden forums and subforums are hosted within the Last Words category. These are set to be made use of during specific events, and occupy spaces and times that a person may wander or be forced into during their adventures. Should a person find themselves in this predicament, they will be given access to the forum useful to them. In larger forum events, said forum might be made visible to everybody, so that all can serve witness to the event.

Out of Context

let's talk about...
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Chat about any and everything here.
Divided into multiple sections within, with areas dedicated to discussing music, movies, and other forms of media.

strut your stuff!
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Fancy yourself an artist, of any sort?
Draw, sing, write, paint, make videos? Show us what ya got, here.


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A place for me to throw all of the forum's older and more irrelevant threads in while I reorganize.


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Elka: This would make it so one person's voice for a character doesn't become overwhelming.
reisamu: I actually like Elka's idea... We could see the interpretations. However, I'm not so sure about it being a week for people to play a certain character. Maybe at the max, 3 days, but a week would expend a lot of time... And I believe a person would know
reisamu: whether they are comfortable with a character within the first day, or even hours pending on how much they put into it y'know?
Knight: Hi, guys; sorry for my recent absence - been tackling a lot of issues. Heading out to run some drills with the fire department right now; once I get back I'll be able to finish work on the forums. I think your idea would work very well, Elka. The length of
Knight: the rotations can be discussed later. I'll create a thread regarding it once I get back.
jalista: I think that's a good idea, but maybe 3 threads instead of three days? Three days isn't long if your partner isn't really active.
reisamu: No worries Knight. I must apologize for my absence here as well. Work and school have been getting the better of me. I have been working on my character sheet little by little though. So expect that soon. ^^
mkswagmuffin: Hey guys! sorry about the absence... School started in fast for me, but i think i've finally gotten the feel of it. I agree with Elka rotating the position but maybe in giving that person a post limit instead of a time limit, since it takes some people to
mkswagmuffin: more time to reply than others! Otherwise canons (as sean knows) would be a great idea to get things really started here on the forum.
Knight: Okay. I'm officially back now.
Knight: I'm very excited to see what sort of character you come up with, Reisamu, and am looking forward to having you begin adventuring with us!
Knight: I'd also fully support Jalista's idea. I believe that may be the best way to go, though I would perhaps bump that to five threads.
Knight: Sorry, Jalista. I was hoping to have a reply up before classes began, but it doesn't seem like that will be happening. However, it'll be completed and posted as soon as I return.
jalista: I'll hopefully have a reply up for you tonight, Knight.
Knight: Sorry for the wait - I'll have yours posted tonight!
Knight: Okay! I was a day later than I'd hoped to be, but it is up!
Elka: Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been around. Work was rough the last two weeks. I'm done with it now until school, though, so I hope to be able to start getting things done soon and join a thread here.
Knight: Not a problem! Real life should definitely take precedent, and I hope things have gotten better with your job. I've spoken to Reisamu, and he'll hopefully have his character up and be ready to join in soon, too. The two of you may be able to get something
Knight: worked out, if either of you held an interest.
Elka: .